"Coach Vitale took 45 minutes to speak to 80 of my players — afterward they were impressed on how he overcame so much adversity and learned to make ‘good choices’ — I can truly say that he is one of the ‘special people’ that I have come across in my coaching life.”

Jim Mac Dougall
Head Football Coach
Berkely High School
Berkely, Michigan

"Every time I see Coach Christian Vitale speak I get recharged with energy. His personal story of overcoming adversity is inspiring and his practical advice on making goal-centered choices will help any person succeed. I recommend Coach Vitale as an inspirational speaker for any organization or business that wants to build both teamwork and individual breakthrough toward success. His message is also perfect for students and athletic teams looking for a proven method of not just setting goals but achieving them as well.”

William Ackerley
Production Manager
Ackerley Advertising

Growing up with Christian (Vitale), my younger brother and one of seven siblings, everyday life was not always easy. Despite the many obstacles Chris faced as a child up through adulthood, he really endured and pursued through these struggles and became the caring and consummate professional in all he does. I feel his past has helped in shaping his present and his passionate goal of helping those less fortunate.

Victoria Vitale Campagna

“Coach Vitale was the keynote speaker at the awards banquet of the 33rd Annual Roskruge Cougar Classic basketball tournament. Participants in this tournament include 4th- through 7th-grade boys and girls from schools all over Tucson, Arizona. His message to the student-athletes and parents was to stay involved in wholesome school-sponsored activities and to continue working towards their dreams. He shared part of his life story to show that barriers will appear on the way to their dreams and they need to be tough and intelligent enough to figure out how to knock down those barriers.”

Dale López
Founder / Coordinator
Roskruge Cougar Classic

"It was a pleasure to meet you. Hearing about your experiences and how your choices and personal circumstances affected your life reinforced to all of us how important it is to stay focused on our goals. My teammates and I were inspired by you and the way you were able to deal with adversity in your life. Personally, what I took away from your talk is that you have to believe in yourself, have confidence in your abilities, and try to surround yourself with positive influences in order to succeed. Thank you."

Jim Birnie
Berkley High School Quarterback 2008-2011

"A powerful story!"

Bishop Lorenzo Turner
Church of Lord Jesus Christ
Pontiac, Michigan

"Great life story!"

Jeremy Lodronka
Asst. Principal
Mason Middle School

“Coach Vitale spoke to about seventy of my sophomores here at Tucson High School and he had them captivated.  It’s also the end of the school year so I think that is especially impressive. He kept them motivated with his personal antidotes but also then its meaning or point. I found it valuable even for myself and I could really tell that the students were engaged and I’m looking forward to having him back. Thanks Coach Vitale!”

Eric Thomas
Teacher, English
Tucson High School

“I was really inspired by Coach Christian Vitale’s willingness to talk about the issues of child abuse as well as the issue of youth suicide. Both of those issues are very important to me and I think a lot of times people who talk to kids kind of neglect those issues. So, I was really happy to hear him talk about those issues especially including his own inspiring story.”

Youth Program Director
Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson

"Mr. Vitale invited the audience to ask ourselves the question: Why did I become an educator? After hearing Mr. Vilate's story, my decision to become and educator was reaffirmed. To give students the best school experience I can give, and to make a difference in the life of a child. Thank you for helping me renew my enthusiasm."

Martha Bail
Instructional Specialist, Cragin Performing Arts Magnet Elementary School

"Coach Vitale's story inspired! It was great to hear him speak at our school!"

Alexander Rodriguez
Principal, Cragin Performing Arts Magnet Elementary School

"Great inspiration! I was moved by the story. I believe this gave our teachers and myself the motivation that is needed in the business of education."

George Kelly
School Counselor, Cragin Performing Arts Magnet Elementary School




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